Uganda Game drive safaris

A Uganda safari runs around a game drive through the bushes in a safari vehicle to spot great wildlife as well as photography. Game drives are the highlight of any safari in Uganda and these can last from one hour to several hours with a picnic lunch in the bush. These take place in early in the morning, afternoon and at Night game drive. It’s always advisable to have a cup of coffee or breakfast before going for an early morning game drive. Game drive safari normally takes place in four National Parks such Kidepo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Semuliki National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park all this has its unique features which you can explore while on your game drive safari in Uganda. Game drive safari is carried out all the time around from January to December which exposes you to different wild animals such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, Kobs, leopards and among others plus many bird species. This entire National Parks also expose you to a night game drive which is a totally different than a day games drive meaning that it explore you the bush at night, nocturnal animals and birdlife which is a rewarding experience at night. These game drives are carried out in different National Parks as described below.

Game dives in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

A Game drive is the main memorable rewarding activity in Queen Elizabeth National Park which is known to be with the highest concentration of wildlife animals, these can be seen in Kasenyi area of the Park, and in the North Kazinga plains. Here you get unique chance to see many animal species including; elephants, buffaloes, Uganda Kobs, antelopes, rare giant hogs, leopards, and many more which can last over 3 hours drive which is worthy for it. The Ishasha sector offers an opportunity of viewing tree-climbing lions which is an amazing experience to explore while on your game drive safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Game drive safari within Queen Elizabeth National Park can be carried out in the early morning, in the late evening and night game drive which expose you to entirely different game drive with nocturnal wild animals and bird species which is amazing experience activity within Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game drive in Kidepo National Park

The game drives in Kidepo National Park covers the spirit of Africa with its landscape, the biggest hard of Buffalo in the whole world, the cheaters, Ostrich with over 80% of chances to see the cats which makes it the real wildlife of Africa. Kidepo National Park is a home of over 28 mammals which you cannot found elsewhere in Uganda National Parks. Game drive safari in Kidepo Valley National Park is a great activity which most liked by the tourist who makes it to this beautiful dramatic landscape of Kidepo National Park. One visiting Kidepo National Park has high chances of viewing the tree climbing lions which usually seen at the sausage trees branches near the Narus Valley just to your way to the Apoka Park Headquarter. The park is home to 80 species of mammals including; the giraffes, Burchell’s zebras, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions, eland, waterbuck, cheaters, hard wolf, spotted hyenas and among others wildlife mammals. You can enjoy morning game drives, afternoon and night game drives while you’re at Kidepo Valley National Park. A night game drives expose you to the nocturnal animals such as bush baby, the White-tailed Mongoose, leopard, Senegal Galago and among other animals.

Game drives in Murchison fall National Park

Game drives safari in Murchison Falls National Park takes you to a widely spread of the Savannah grasslands, grazing or hunting for prey which hosts to over 76 mammal species of which some cannot be found elsewhere in Uganda National parks. Murchison Falls National Park is known as the biggest and the oldest National Park in Uganda which is bisected by the River Nile and divides the Park into two parts such as the Southern Bank and the Northern bank. Game viewing in Murchison Falls National Park is mostly carried out in the Northern bank where you have a unique opportunity to observe the Big 4 in the Savannah plains with such animals include elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, hartebeest, leopard, lions and among others. However, the Southern bank there is fewer wildlife animals such as giraffe and antelopes with among others.

Game drive in Lake Mburo National park

Game drive safari in Lake Mburo National Park takes you to the maximum details of Lake Mburo National Park which is normally carried out in morning, evening and night with different experience according to the time you took as it offers you wonderful chance to view the Impala and zebra in their natural home. Game drives can be taken all year round and the some of animal species you can see out in the open grassland include  zebras, Burchell’s zebras, elands, antelopes and among others, which are mostly seen in the dry season where they tend to congregate around the water bodies and swamps to have glimpse of water which makes it a remarkable photo opportunity to visitors of Lake Mburo National Park and its normally carried out with an armed ranger guide who will help you in spotting some animal species during the game drive.

Game drive in Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve

Game drive is among the most remarkable activity within Semuliki National Park with over 63 mammal species which are resident of the Park. The game drive safari takes you in the three well maintained game tracks that stretch across the Savannah plains of the Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve which offers you a great chance to encounter the wildlife species such as elephants, Buffalo, waterbucks, the rare bush babies, Uganda Kobs and also night game drive gives you opportunity to spot nocturnal animals such as the Leopards, the white-tailed mongoose, slender mongoose, bush babies, hares, Little collard fruit Bat, bush pigs, and among others.

Best time to do game driving in Uganda

Game driving in Uganda can be done all year-round, but the Dry seasons from June to August and December to February are the best time for general wildlife viewing as animals gather around the water sources. One can also opt to game driving in the Wet seasons from March to May and from September to November and at this time the park lush and scenic.