Uganda Safari

Imagine the scent of a fresh early morning in an unspoilt African wilderness, the dewdrops glistening on the grass stalks, birds calling softly all around, yourself sitting comfortably high on the individual seats of the open land rover. You cross a dry riverbed, the animal tracks scattered like leaves in the soft sand, the fresh big cat prints standing out clearly. Suddenly in the distance the roar of a male lion, your personal ranger and tracker team immediately take you off to investigate.

Our mission is to share Uganda with you, the international traveler who wishes to enrich their lives with the everlasting impressions of our wonderful country. We have realized that the high-end of the travel market expect to feel special and appreciate personal attention throughout their visit to Uganda. Through our presence, our guests have the peace of mind of a trouble free safari, are treated to the very best in accommodation, food and the best traveling that Uganda has to offer. All transfers are done by scheduled charter flights and road transfers. We specialize in tailor-made itineraries to fulfill the client’s needs and requirements.