Tarangire National Park

Tanzania is a land of several national parks, bio-sphere reserves, game reserves and conservation reserves. The main reason for such concentrations of these natural variants is mainly because of the geographical location of Tanzania. Tanzania lies on the eastern part of Africa. Among these several national parks the Tarangire National Park is one of them. The Tarangire National Park comprises of a huge area, the maximum of the park’s surface is covered with grasses and bushes, however, they are scattered all around.

Arusha is the closest city to the National Park and the park came into existence since 1970. Like other national parks this particular variant is not that acclaimed one. Every park in the Tanzania has been drained by some of the rivers, in the same way this particular park is drained by the Tarangire River. This particular park also preserves huge biotic components and a special destination of preserving more than one ecosystem. The vastness of the park tends it divide into different geographical features and each have a distinct characteristic.

Like some of the other national parks in Tanzania this park is also an important destination for migratory animals. Some of the common animals inhabited in Tarangire National Park are eland, oryx, zebras, wildebeest and elephants. Along with several animal lives the park also consists of different species of the plants and trees also. To venture such exotic ambiance of the spot you can hire cars or mini buses and make an intensive drive on the open barren land surface of the park. If you want to be more thrilled with the ambiance you can put camps and spend a night.

The Tarangire River that has made a dent into the mainlands of the park has formed several wetlands and swamps and therefore it has also become an important place for the reptiles to thrive. So have a nice and thrilling time in Tarangire National Park.