Selous Game Reserve

The Selous National Park is in Tanzania; there are several National Parks in Tanzania. The geographical location of the country and its climatic conditions has made it one of the most important store houses of nature. The country of Tanzania lies on the eastern side of the African continent. Nature has bestowed with all the beauties in the country. You can find the mighty African mountain ranges Kilimanjaro, the Great Rift Valley the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean and many more geographical features in Tanzania.

Among the several national parks and game reserves the Selous Game Reserve is of worth mentioning. The Selous Game Reserve is considered to be the main destination for huge fauna variants. The game reserve is privileged of having been reckoned as one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. This recognition was awarded to the reserve in the year 1982. The game reserves offers you an exotic vie o the Mafia Islands and the Rufiji River. The river is significant because of its outlet to the Indian Ocean. The Selous game reserve comprises of different kinds of animals among which the elephants dominate the list. Besides from elephants you can also get the exotic view of the black rhinoceroses, crocodiles, cheetahs, giraffes, hippopotamus and many more. The most special way to enjoy your trip inside the park is by hiring a minibus and getting deep inside the reserve. However, if you love water and have the zeal to accelerate the thrilling experiences then hire a boat and explore the reserve through the Rufiji River.

Sailing through the Rufiji River is of immense importance. You can at the same time get the chance of inventing the natural beauty of the aquatic ecosystem and as well as the land ecosystem. The Selous Game Reserve is of great extent and therefore one day trip is not sufficient to explore it fully. Therefore, you can halt at the out skirts of the reserve. For staying purpose you can get hold of different camps like the Impala Camp, mobile tented camps and many more. Thus have a nice time in the Selous Game Reserve and venture it thoroughly.