How many chances of seeing gorillas Rwanda

The most frequently asked question about gorilla tracking is the how many chances of seeing these gentle giants in their natural habitat. Chances if seeing mountain gorillas in Rwanda are quite high in Volcanoes National Park. The park has a drastic landscape lying northern part of Rwanda, the wildlife experience there is a breathtaking experience. Though are no cases where visitors have failed to see the gorillas during their trekking, there’s no guarantee of seeing the gorillas because these are wild animals that keep moving around the forest in search for food. Chances of seeing the gorillas are increased in two ways;

Pre-tracking team

A team of trackers is sent before one of the visitors to find the location of the gorilla family and communicate to the headquarters to tell them which trails to use to reach the gorilla family more easily. Once the location of a particular gorilla is confirmed, the visitors start their journey with the assurance of seeing the gorillas though they keep moving the other team keeps communicating. This is a common practice and these staff of the park is trained to locate the gorilla family especially basing on where they nested the previous night.

Allocation by fitness

Sometimes visitors are allocated gorilla families based on their physical fitness. The elderly and sickly are given gorilla families that are nearer compared to energetic travelers that may be able to move much longer in the jungle. This, therefore, means that even those that could have failed due to their body strength can also have a chance to track gorilla families that are nearby or that are in places that are easy to track. For the disabled and elderly, there’s an option of carrying them by hired porters at an extra cost and they are carried to the forest and back.

In conclusion, the gorillas keep moving to look for food leaving the trackers with no guarantee of seeing the gorillas in the forest but we can confidently say that the great effort by the park management has increased the chances to almost 100% through training their staff. You can therefore not excuse yourself that you may travel and miss your opportunity to watch the gorillas because measures have been put in place to ensure that you see them.