Sadaani National Park

Tanzania is situated on the eastern side of Africa; the most vital destination for wild lives. The geographical location of the country is also very strategic; it shares its land boundaries with many other African countries like Malawi, Kenya, Burundi, Congo, Mozambique and Congo. It also comprises of versatile geographical features.

The country houses the Africa’s largest mountain range, Mount Kilimanjaro, Great Rift Valley, Coastal plains, numerous National Parks and game reserves. Among these National Parks and game reserves the Sadaani National Park is of some importance. Politically Tanzania is a part of the United Republic of Tanzania and the other two parts are the Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. The Sadaani National Park is situated in Tanzania and also close to the other two part of the Republic. The most exciting part of the national park is that it is situated at the coastal sides of the Indian Ocean. According to the records of the government of Tanzania, this park is the only coastal park in Tanzania. Because of its coastal location the lands are swampy in nature and dampness is the determining factor of the park.

The different animals that are found in the park are giraffe, lion, buffalo, zebra and many more. Recently the territorial boundary of the park has been extended because of its immense popularity and fame. The best way to venture deep into the park is by hiring a car or a safari bus. To make your trip a successful one, its better to contact a professional tour operator who can show you the appropriate places of interests. Presently at the out skirts of the park you can get hold of hotels and resorts of cheap rates and can spend a night. In this particular location the Sadaani Safari Lodge is of immense importance. Therefore, have a nice and thrilling trip to the Sadaani National Park.