Ruaha National Park

Tanzania is situated on the eastern sides of African continent. It is one of the Africa’s vital countries popular for its geographical location. It has a diverse geographical location with different geographical topography. The country is surrounded by different other African nations like Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Mozambique and Malawi.

The country also gets the influence and benefits of the Indian Ocean. No-wonder, Tanzania is popular for its immense animal lives and forests. These have led to the development of different National Parks in it. The Ruaha National Park is one of them. The Ruaha National Park is one of the most important national parks and game conservation area. The park is located on the southern side of Tanzania. The park covers a huge area around 10,500 square kilometers. The main objective of the Ruaha National Park is to conserve the various ecosystems and its different biotic elements. The park is one of the most magnificent destinations in Africa because of its geographical topography and scenic beauties. Among its different chief features the Ruaha river is the most vital one. During the dry season this river becomes the only source of water to all biotic elements inhabiting the park.

Because of the volcanic influence in this area there are several undulating surfaces and few steep highlands. The most exciting and mighty elevated landforms here are the Escarpment, which is also the source of several rivers. If you insist on the climate of the park then it will not please you so much. Generally the climate is dry and hot with seasonal rainfall. The different animals that you get to see are the cheetahs, antelopes, impala, elephants, water bucks, hippopotamus and many more. The best part of the park is that you can get very easily get accommodation facilities near the park; this indeed more thrilling and you could carry back sufficient experiences at home.