Mkomazi National Park

Tanzania, an African country is well known for its geographical versatility. There are several geographical features exist in the country. A certain part of the country gets the privilege of having the sea shore and the other part gets to have the influence of the mountains. Africa’s highest mountainous peak Mount Kilimanjaro lies in this country.

Whenever, the African continent comes into our minds, two things strike, one is the densely forested areas and the secondly the wild lives. This is the particular country that consists of variants of wild lives and dense forests and preserves a major part of floral and fauna species within it. Due to this immense accommodation of wild lives and forests, variants of National Parks exist in Tanzania. Among these several parks the Mkomazi National Park is worth mentioning.

Visiting the Mkomazi National Park is a kind of exploring the mysteries of nature. The national park is just a treasure house of immense resources and offers a thrilling experience to you and lies next to the Ngorongoro. The park is around 2,800 square kilometers in area and is the right place to go for a long drive. The ambiance of the park is just a magnificent one; the surface is covered with lush green grasses in some places they have grown to a large extent. Rich variants of trees are also the main features of the Mkomazi National Park.

The different animals that you can eyewitness here are lion, leopard, zebra, Grant’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle and many more. With these variants of flora and fauna the ambiance of the National Park is just amazing; it’s the right place of spending vacations and it also offers you a complete peace of mind. If you want to make a deep dent into the national park then you can hire mini bus or cars and explore the exotic ambiance of the park more prominently. There are several guests’ houses and hotels situated outside the park in which you can halt for a night. Therefore, have a nice time and thrilling time at the Mkomazi National Park.