Kwita Izina Rwanda ( gorilla naming ceremony )

Kwita Izina Rwanda is the gorilla naming ceremony which took place in Rwanda at Volcanoes National Park headquarters at Kinigi approximately three hours drive from Kigali city the capital of Rwanda. The Kwita Izina ceremony was started in 2005 based on a Rwandan cultural practice for naming human infants which organized by the Rwanda Development Board and its held on Friday in the fast week of September dealing on conservation-related activities such includes activities educating and sensitizing programs, conversation on conserving the environment, workshop and an exhibiting the tourism product and souvenirs.

The Kwita Izina Rwanda ceremony is getting much popular every year and much attention to the world which reminds our close relation to these great apes who share 98.6% of our DNA. The Kwita Izina ceremony which known as gorilla naming begin in the morning at around 8 am with entertainment from the famous singers and performers from traditional drummers playing and local dancing as way of entertaining our beloved guests such as local people, Rwandan and international officials, and conservationists, business leaders, sports personalities, musicians and among others as you feel this powerful moment of dressing in traditional way of Kinyarwanda.

And then later, the long waited ceremony breaks off naming the newborn gorillas, the process beings with getting a photo list of little gorillas born for this year for easier identification in their respective families. There will be dashes for names, and you can entertain yourself by making them up, where the different babies’ names are chosen based on each baby gorilla’s birth location, story, and the circumstances. However, the real thing is done from the stage, by the beloved guests who have come on the gorilla naming ceremony.

Gorilla naming ceremony is the first ever in the world continent of naming gorillas in public that brings together different thousands of people in their dignity on this day which is much more than naming the newly born gorilla. Gorilla naming ceremony is one of the wonderful ways of networking with ranger guide and getting more information about the gorillas and among its major aim is to ease the monitoring of each mountain gorilla in the Volcano National Park, and also creating awareness of conservation efforts at National and International level as way of protecting the endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda as an outstanding destination. Promoting gorilla trekking in Rwanda is among the major reason for gorilla naming ceremony as to attract more tourists to the Kwita Izina ceremonies and in Rwanda at large

The gorilla naming of newborn gorillas is a special honor to all guests and those chosen to name a baby gorilla, the number of newborn baby gorilla depends on the birth of gorillas which are always increase every year. Volcano National Park is home of over 483 mountain gorillas with about 10 gorilla families which include Sabyinyo, Karisimbi, Bwenge, Amahoro, Agashya, Titus,  Umubano, Susa, Kwitonda, and Hirwa gorilla Family which amazing to see. One to see these rare mountain gorillas has to have gorilla permit. A gorilla permit is a national document that allows you to spend 1 hour with a mountain gorilla in their natural habitat. Rwanda gorilla permit cost $ 1500.00 per person per trek.