Klein’s Camp Serengeti

If you are already planning a trip to Tanzania and still have not decided upon the places to visit, then you must think of including Serengeti as one of the major areas of attraction in your itinerary and will not have any worries about your accommodation as this area, with its national park and savannas and large vistas of plain land has quite a few accommodation facilities. All that you will require to do is hold your breath to encounter some of the most unimaginable scenes and sceneries of your life from a very close proximity, rendered by the camp accommodation in Serengeti. Perhaps the best of such accommodation will come through if you book your self a cottage at the Klein’s Camp, Serengeti.

Klein’s Camp, Serengeti is not just a camp style property but also a world renowned accommodation area due to its amazingly strategic location at the foot of the Kuka hills in northern area of Serengeti flanked by the Masai Mara National Reserve to the north and Serengeti National Park to the west. Besides, what is most amazing about Klein’s Camp, Serengeti is that it is situated within the premises of Klein’s, which is a fabulous wildlife sanctuary created in the land that was provided as concession by the landlords of the Massai region of Serengeti. From the camp, you will get indescribable sights of the valley below which is traversed by thousands of herds of wildebeest and zebras during the migrating seasons. Apart from this, you will also catch glimpse of Klein’s own reserved wildlife consisting of elephants, buffalos and several predators which provide for the most awe-inspiring gaming episodes, all taking place just before your eyes.

The ambience and environment at the Klein’s Camp, Serengeti is exceedingly romantic, with ten intimate and separate cottages that are decorated in the most classic style with wooden floors accentuating the beauty exuded by the rounded stone walls. The balconies and private area attached to each of these cottages offer spectacular views of the wildlife in and around the valley. If you wish to relax then simply plunge yourself into the swimming pool that is located near the hill and then get to the bar providing breathtaking views of the wilderness and hill surrounding it and if you are keen on taking back something back with you as souvenir, then the camp has its own shop selling traditional Maasai crafts. And while doing all of these, if your hunger takes a toll on you, then pamper your palate at the dining area with fireplace where you will be served some delectable Pan-African food prepared out of the freshest of ingredients such as the vegetables from the camp’s own organic African garden.

In between all of these, whenever you ask for some activities, the Klein’s Camp, Serengeti will arrange exclusive wildlife watching tours in the day, game driving, night wildlife watching, bush and walking as well as other types of specialized safaris and tours exclusively for you along with a trip to the nearby Maasai Village. However, the camp can accommodate only up to twenty guests at a time and therefore, you will require booking a cottage on a prior basis if you want to have the time of your life.