Katavi National Park

Tanzania is famous all over the world for its biodiversity. The National Parks and Game Reserves of Tanzania were created with the aim to protect and preserve the various ecosystems. Among the most famous, yet seldom visited National Parks of Tanzania, is Katavi. Katavi National Park probably presents Africa’s wilderness at its best.

The Katavi National Park is located in South west Tanzania, beside Lake Tanganyika. The Katavi National Park is the third largest national park of Tanzania. Located within the famous rift valley of Africa, this national park is seldom visited by individual tourists. The park ends in the dark waters of the Lake Rukwa.

The brachystegia species of plants form the dominant variety of flora in this national park. This kind of vegetation provides a perfect home ground for the elusive Roan, sable and ekland antelopes of Africa. The main attraction within the Katavi National Park though is the Katuma River and the floodplains surrounding it. Temporary lakes like Lake Katavi and Lake Chada, which are formed during the rainy seasons, support a wide variety of wild life.

During the dry seasons, the Katuma River loses its gorgeous self and becomes a shallow river. For miles together, it becomes the only source of drinking water. The variety of animals found near the river during this time of the year can be amazing. Within the floodplains a gathering of 40,000 elephants, 1,000 buffaloes and about as many giraffes, reedbucks and impalas can be found in this region. Besides these herbivorous animals there are several prides of lion and hyenas that have their homes in the flood plains of the Katuma River.

The hippos of the Katavi National Park, probably provide the most unique view, you can experience here. During the dry seasons, nearly 200 hippos gather together in a small pool or riverine, to keep themselves wet. The gathering of so many hippos leads to gory territorial fights which may leave the spectators spellbound.

The best way to spend your time at the Katavi National Park is by driving, walking or camping safaris.