Grumeti River Camp, Serengeti

Camp or tent accommodation is regarded as one of the best ways to view the wildlife in any part of the world and this is especially true in case of the viewing of some of the world’s most spectacular sights and treating your ears to the cacophony of innumerable sounds that come together to from a harmonic orchestra in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Although there are numerous such types of accommodations, the authenticity of real Africa and its wilderness can be best experience at the Grumeti River Camp, Serengeti.

What sets Grumeti River Camp, Serengeti apart from the rest is its location in the distant valley of the western corridor area of the Serengeti National Park, only a few kilometers away from the Lake Victoria which is regarded as the largest lake in the whole of Africa. Hills rises from the two sides of the camp area and looks out to the amazing sight of the tributary of Grumeti River which is home to some of the largest crocodiles in Tanzania. The best part about this location is that, during the biannual migration times in Serengeti hundreds of thousands of herds of zebras and buffalos and wildebeest cross this section of the river, rendering an awe inspiring sight. Apart from this, you can view numerous hippos rising from the water just below the camp area and at night hear the incredible sounds of lemurs, bats, and other nocturnal creatures irrupted by roars of lions and tigers in the distance.

The Grumeti River Camp, Serengeti itself is a wonderful place creating the entire charm of Tanzania through the decors in the rooms. Each of the separate tents is spacious and is decorated with colorful glassware from Kenya, locally made African cloth and beautiful traditional furniture and furnishings. A large sized bed created out of Tanzanian cypress takes the centre stage in the tents along with separate WCs and roofless showers. The dining is arranged in the open-air dining space serving Pan-African flavors cooked on typical and authentic ovens. You can relax at the beautifully styled bar or at the open swimming pool.

The Grumeti River Camp, Serengeti will arrange for some of the most adventurous activities through the day and night such as wildlife watching, game driving, crocodile viewing, watching the nature at the sundowners, Balloon safaris and more.