What to Bring For Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is the most popular and thrilling activity in Rwanda which takes place in Volcano National Park. Trekking gorillas in Rwanda is a life changing activity which requires serious attention on what to wear or bring while trekking gorillas in their natural home. What to wear for gorilla trekking in Rwanda is among the most critical advice to know before you trek gorillas or book your gorilla permit in Rwanda.  Volcano National Park is located in rain forest at high elevation in North West of Rwanda approximately 2 hours drive from Kigali the capital of Rwanda.

Trekking gorillas in Rwanda requires some little fitness since it’s all about hiking in the forestall Park which is rainy, humid and cold especially in the nights. As you plan your gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda, consider what to bring and what to wear on your gorilla trekking day in Rwanda. Below are our recommendations on “What to wear for Gorilla trekking in Rwanda in order to avoid disappointment during a gorilla trekking day in Rwanda.

Long Sleeved Shirts – Long Trousers

Wear a long sleeved shirt and Long trousers to protect you from branches, nettles, thorns or anything else that can prick/scratch you during gorilla trekking along the trail. The waterproof trousers and long sleeved shirt are highly recommended since its unpredictable when it will rain; also the ladies should ensure that they wear comfortable bras since the hike can be tough. The shorts and t-shirts, truth is by the end of the day the exposed skin has scratches, therefore ensure you follow this advice. The dull color is highly recommend

Wear Waterproof Hiking Boots

We highly recommend you to wear Waterproof Hiking Boots it because the hiking trails can be slippery or muddy especially when it rains therefore a pair of waterproof hiking boots is required. The shoes should be comfortable for you in order to give you good stability, balance, traction and support to your ankles, with these also wear good and thick socks. You can also tuck your trousers into your socks to protect you against fire ants.

The Gardening Gloves

The gardening gloves are used in gorilla trekking in Rwanda. These help you to support your selves on branches or vines, the gloves also give you protection against nettles such that you don’t get scratched. You may put them off when you meet the Gorillas in order to take good photos.

A Rain Jacket

A rain Jacket is also recommend during gorilla trekking in Rwanda, this is because you track in the rainforest and usually in the morning hours, meaning that it may rain at any time whether it’s a dry season or not, and therefore rain jacket should come handy especially a light one which you can easily fold and kip in your bag pack until you need it the next time.

Wear a Hat

The hat protects your head and neck from rain or the sun. Meaning that it’s very important for you carry a hat or you may opt to buy it at any local craft markets in the country where you will be trekking gorillas from.

Insect Repellent

Insect Repellent is very important because you trek through forest where you come across different insects therefore you need to apply insect repellent in order to protect your body from insect and you can also apply a sun block cream on your exposed body parts.

A Warm Sweater

We also advice to our estimated client to bring a Sweater this is because you will need to be worn in the early mornings and cool nights. It really gets so cold at night since the temperature in Volcano National Park is at10°C/50°F and sometimes it’s lower than this. This gives you clear picture especially at luxury lodges where they fireplaces in cottages or rooms and other lodges give visitors hot water bottles for comfort throughout the cold night. The dull color is highly recommend, such lodges include One & Only Lodge, Singita Kwitonda Lodge, Bisate Lodge, Bishops House and among other lodges

Safari Socks

These should be of cotton type or wool since they offer protection to the feet as well warmth

Best time to trek Rwanda Gorillas

The Best time to trekking Rwanda gorillas are all year round, but knowing the best time to trekking Rwanda gorillas in their natural environment is a lifetime experience. The months of January, February, June, July, August, September and December are the best time to trek Rwanda gorillas it because it’s less rainfall and sometimes even no rains at all, you may choose to travel during this season because of the dry weather. This is also a peak season meaning that travelers have to book their permits well in advance atleast 5 months before the date of trek