Gorilla Trekking Day Rwanda   

A Gorilla Trekking Day Rwanda, beings with early morning breakfast depending where you had last night either lodges, hotels and so on. Their after, your driver guide will transfer you to Kinigi Park headquarters at Volcano National Park which located in northern part of Rwanda approximately 2 hour drive from Kigali. While on a Gorilla Trekking Day in Rwanda at Kinigi Park headquarters, this is where the briefing conducted about the rules and regulation while tracking mountain gorillas in their natural home.

As we remember that Volcano National Park has 12 gorilla families that habituated for gorilla tracking every day in Rwanda, each family is visited with 8 people every day meaning that 96 gorilla permit are available on every gorilla tracking day in Rwanda. On this wonderful gorilla tracking day, ranger guide will take you to a specific family escorted by the park guide, armed rangers for protection and porters for hire at 15 USD just in case you need them.

Your guide will then lead you along generally clear paths up into the forest, the ranger guide uses radio calls for communication with the trackers that stay with the group so that they can be located. The trek is tiring and can be steep in parts, taking from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Visitors have to follow the guide’s instructions while on this gorilla tracking day in Rwanda within the forest, most especially in front of gorillas. When you are near the group, you have to leave some where the hiking sticks, not to scare the endangered species. After encountering the group, you’re allowed to spend with them 1 hour as you take as much as photos you can when your flash camera is off, enjoying their ways, feeding and interacting ways. Then after you embark on your way to park headquarters where started from making it your life time experience on this gorilla trekking day.

On this gorilla tracking day in Rwanda, one has to be with a gorilla permit which cost $ 1500 per person per trek, participants must be aged 15 and above though in some cases even some minors may also be allowed.

In conclusion, gorilla tracking day in Rwanda is a life changing experience with mountain Gorillas which are quite clever apes as compared to other primates, their behavior shows how they reason in particular circumstances. Gorilla tracking day in Rwanda allows you to interact with these great apes and learn more about their general behavior, how they feed, play and lay their nests for resting at night.