Golden monkey trekking

Golden monkey trekking are yet another absolute highlight and rich in experience, the golden monkey species belong to the old world monkeys that reside in the Virunga volcanic region of East and Central Africa, the Golden Monkey belongs to the family with botanical name (Cercopithecus Kandit).

Golden monkey in specifically occupy the North-western part in Volcanoes National Park, indeed one can agree that it’s restrained to boundaries of highland forests, it is also significant to note that the Golden monkey is red-marked on the “list of seriously endangered species.

Golden monkey trekking in Parc volcanoes-Rwanda

Golden monkey tracking is one of the most extraordinary and exceptional tourism activities that draw thousands of visitors from all corners of the world to Volcanoes National Park. When planning a safari in Rwanda is a must to include golden monkey tracking in your package and visit Volcanoes National Park for a convenient and most remarkable golden monkey tracking experience

A golden monkey permit costs $100 per trekker which can be acquired at the park headquarters in advance or on the morning of the activity (because there is no limit on the number of people to trek them per day) but to allow your proper and advance planning, you can book for it some days prior to tracking. This cost includes park entry fees, tour guide fee and the actual activity but does not include the cost of hiring a porter to carry your luggage during this astonishing activity. In case of the need for porters, they can be hired from the park entry.

Unlike gorilla trekking, there is no limit on the number of tourists to participate in this activity, no minimum distance with these primates and age limit is 12 years though not so stringent as in gorilla trekking. They can easily be found (within about 30-60 minutes) since they usually inhabit the foothills of the mountains in the bamboo forest. One of the hints of locating them is by following the leftovers of freshly eaten bamboo shoots. Once they are found, visitors are allowed only one hour of a magical encounter with these extremely alluring primates to observe their behavior or take photographs. They occasionally go into gardens of surrounding villages to eat Irish potatoes that have been left after harvest. What is so astonishing about watching these primates is their behavior of digging and hastily cleaning sweet potatoes before eating it.

In conclusion therefore, golden monkeys among the two countries are rare species still surviving in the wild. Travelers should therefore take time to interact and spend with the rare species for a phenomenal and extraordinary experience where you should not forget to add golden monkey trekking in your package and enjoy your time to trek and learn about these remarkable creatures that will leave beautiful memories in your minds as silver meets gold (silverbacks and golden monkeys).