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Gabon holidays and safaris

Discover a thrilling destination … the lowland gorillas, turtles, chimpanzees as well as whales

A nation of only a tiny human population, Gabon has an identity among the most secure countries in Africa. Attaining independence in 1960 from the French, Gabon has remained the envy of its neighboring counties with the 3rd highest yearly revenue per individual on the entire African continent.

With a 3rd of its gross domestic product (GDP) obtained from oil, Gabon has recently realized that it actually offers more to the world, since the president His Excellency Omar Bongo created thirteen National Parks.

The variety of wildlife within Gabon is very exceptional. Mandrill, forest elephants, lowland gorillas plus chimpanzee populate the thick interior of the forests, while hippos, whales as well as turtles can be seen along the coastline. Regarding the big game, chances of seeing them are not guaranteed because there are particular periods to visit. Remember to contact us for additional information as well as a proposed itinerary for your personal holiday in Gabon.

What you should expect on your holiday in Gabon: as a country, it is a rising destination so travelers should remember this during their stay. The accommodation offered ranges from tented camps to the western style luxurious lodges based on which part you are visiting. However as in most African countries, transport within Gabon is rather slow.

Travelers are recommended to consider their visit in Gabon as a lifetime adventure and to keep in mind that their itinerary is very flexible. Also known as “The Garden of Eden”, this country Gabon provides the travelers numerous different activities and frequently formerly unexplored tourist sites.

Gabon as a safari destination

It is obvious that Gabon has fascinating perspective as a ‘specialist’ safari destination. Because thirteen national parks have been established in the past 5 years is definitely a positive advance.

The wildlife is abundant, even though it can be challenging to see. You will find wonderful trees, flowers, fungi, frogs plus insects at all times. The place has several primates however clear viewing is unusual, not common. Gabon in addition is very safe – you can walk around the city, take a cab or even a train.

The rainforest isn’t for everyone. Walking under the heat and humidity is not comfortable and the achievements can seem few in comparison to the efforts used. On average The camps¬† charge about ¬£200 per individual every night which isn’t different to a number of others in Eastern and Southern Africa, although the standards I experienced were pretty irregular. Sometimes food would be nice, and other times terrible. It is difficult to keep clothes dry and damp bed linen isn’t pleasant. Travel plans were fairly erratic and guiding was somehow like guesswork.

In conclusion, Gabon is safe, different, unknown, un-conventional as well as with numerous distinctive things to do and even see, it will fascinate even the hardened traveler. I discovered planning my trip exciting and annoying. Exploring the Gabon was rewarding and at the same time challenging. On going back to the UK, I am really pleased to have experienced some of this uncommon, unspoilt, bizarre ecosystem.