Bird Watching in Tanzania

Bird watching is counted among the most popular recreations in Tanzania. The incredible wilderness of this small country in Africa is bound to arrest your attention. Apart from tracking Gorilla or roaming around the dense forest in search of wild animals is not enough. The Tanzanian wilderness is visited by a host of different species of birds. Tourists to Tanzania don’t forget to have a feel of the bird watching activity in Tanzania.

Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania: This Park is visited by around 300 species of birds. These species of birds consist of genus like, Eurasian migrant birds, Raptors, Acacia associated birds and three other different species of birds that are commonly found in Tanzania, viz. rufous-tailed weaver, ashy stirling and black-collared lovebird.

Tarangire National Park Tanzania: Apart from Rufous-tailed weaver, Ashy starling, acacia associated birds, Black collared lovebird, Ostrich and kori bustard there are several other species of birds found in this Tarangire Park.

Arusha National Park Tanzania: This Park is a unique place for bird watching as Flamingos are frequently found at Momella Lakes near this park. But the species of birds frequenting to this place vary seasonally. Water fowls from Europe fly to this park from October to April. In fact the lakes are populated by these birds during this time. The lake and the place around it are dominated by pochards, grebes, eagles and geese. Martial Eagles are also to be found in this region, but occasionally.

Serengeti National Park Tanzania: Ostriches are frequently found in Serengeti Park. This place is basically vast grassland that is often visited by birds like, Larks, Fiches Kori Bustard, and Raptors. The migratory Lilac-breasted roller and three other native species of Tanzania like, Grey-rumped spur fowl, Fischer’s lovebird and babbler-like rufous-tailed weaver, etc.

Ngorongoro Conservation area Tanzania: The Soda Lakes in Ngorongoro, Tanzania is the breeding ground for flamingos, crown cranes and several other species of water birds such as, ducks, waders and herons. The place is a great place to enjoy the sight of some great ground bird such as Kori bustard that is the heaviest flying bird in the world. Ostriches and migrant storks can be seen in this region during monsoon.