Best time visiting Uganda

Uganda’s raised topography means a cooler climate than its equatorial setting suggests but if you’re planning to do gorilla trekking, it is good to know which period is more favorable for the activity. The activity can be done at any time of the year but the choice of the time to come for it is entirely about you as a traveler. Therefore, Gorilla trekking, Game viewing, and bird watching safaris require appropriate timing for the best experience on your safari.

Peak season

This is the most liked season in Uganda for gorilla and game viewing activities in the open savannah and normally has many visitors coming to Uganda. The period is between December to February and June to August. These months are normally dry and there’s a low chance of raining and tour activities can go on without any interruption. Gorilla permits in this period are often limited because of the high demand during this period, those planning to travel to Uganda need to book months before they travel. This period is always cold in the night and temperatures may go as low as 11 degrees Celsius at night and it may feel very cold.

Low season

This is the wet period and it has a great impact on tourism activities. This period is wet with too much rain which sometimes that makes it difficult for travelers to go on with tour activities like game viewing and Gorilla trekking. This period is between the months of March to May and September to November. Important to note though is that even after a heavy downpour, the sun comes out and the environment is clear for the tour activities to resume without much interruption of rain. Travelers must carry appropriate clothing for the season to reduce the discomfort that may come with the wet grounds as they go on with their safari activities.