2 Days Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

2 Days Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda, Starting and ending in Kigali-Rwanda, this is a 2 day Gorilla trekking safari which comes along with one gorilla permit to visit Parc Nationale des Volcanoes which gives you the opportunity to see these magnificent mountain gorillas which can be seen straying along the various slopes of the volcanoes as they play, look after their offspring and also search for what to eat. It is an incredible journey indeed you will live to tell.

2 days Gorilla


Detailed Itinerary for 2 Days Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Day 1: Transfer from Kigali To Volcanoes National Park

On arrival at the airport in Rwanda, you will be chauffeured by a guide in a private vehicle to the volcanoes National park. On your way, you will have the opportunity to explore one of Africa’s smallest nations. You will go through Kigali which is the country’s capital city but also a gateway to the gorillas. Thriving markets and the ever clean green city is one among many indicators of the country’s prosperity which is a sober contrast to its recent history. Memorial sites and centers have been set aside in honor of the unfortunate victims that suffered the 1994 Rwanda genocide which serve as a learning and self reflection for the wider communities both nationally and internationally. This however has not retarded Rwanda’s economic growth.

Rwanda is packed with plenty of excellent wildlife destinations which range from grassy savannahs to montane forests in which the mountain gorillas find refuge. Some of these forests are harbored on the slopes of Volcanoes National park which ranges on an altitude of 2400km to 4507. Aside being home to many mountain gorillas, this park was further made famous by an American primatologist Dian Fossey who dedicated almost 20 years to studying the behavior of mountain gorillas which led to the formation of Dian Fossey Foundation that protects these gorillas.

Where you will stay while on 2 Days Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda?

There is accommodation available to strategically position you to watch animals in the comfort of your suite as they cheerfully chant past these places. These include Mountain Gorillas View lodge for exquisite luxury, La Palme Hotel and Volcanoes Gorillas Hotel as well as Kingi Guest house for budget spenders. All these have one thing in common which is friendly staff and optimum hospitality.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge

Mountain Gorilla lodge is set on the slopes of Mt. Sabyinyo comprising 30 individual stone cottages. The cottages are very comfortable and will provide you with both privacy and spectacular views of the volcanoes. A fireplace will be found in each cottage to counteract the chilly conditions that come with the altitude on which it is situated. The finishing which was set with highly skilled designs and art make the cottage have that simple but expensive look. It is also fitted with ever flowing water and electricity.

La Palme Hotel

La Palme hotel offers over 48 simple gorgeous furnished rooms and among these are 4 big suites which portray Rwanda’s rich culture which the architecture took time to emphasize. All the rooms are self contained and fitted with huge comfortable beds, telephones, wiFi internet access as well as a 24 hour room service waiting to attend to you whenever you need them.

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking, Parc National des Volcans

You will assemble at the park’s offices early in the morning after a warm breakfast for briefing before you can set off for the forest. It should be noted that this morning briefing is very essential, you don’t want to be surprised once out there in the wild.

Moving though the base of the Virungas, you will enter the national park under the guidance of a tour guide. Trees dancing to the tune of the wind as they cast dark shadows along the trails welcome you to such an incredible journey in the wilderness. Colourful birds which keep humming as well as the rare golden monkeys that keep swinging from one tree to another will entertain you on your way up the slopes of the mountain. Buffalos and elephants will also be seen through the vents in the thick forest canopy which is a bonus to this gorgeous scenery and gorilla trek.

Once you reach your destination, you will see strong, young, playful gorillas that will welcome you in a language best understood by them and probably the game rangers who have spent enough time with them. Your guide will often let you know the meaning of some of the gestures of these creatures which are more less like humans. It is common to see these gorillas do things we can do like feed their young ones, brush their fur or even put the young ones to sleep.

You will be given time to rest and bond with them though you will not be allowed to get very close to them or even touch them. This is mainly aimed at preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases and to avoid irritating the animals which may think are under attack.

Having captured the moments, you will be led back to where our safari staff is waiting for you to drive you back to your residence. There you can get something to eat rest and then prepare to go back to Kigali where you will catch up with your flight.